Ball Mount Hitches

Ball mounts are one of the most important products in the towing industry and key equipment in many product lines. This industry has put in enough technology necessary to create a full line of extremely strong and striking ball mounts. Most ball mounts in the market are often mechanically welded to ensure that they are extremely accurate and have the finest weld lines.

After the construction of ball mounts, they undergo an automated scouring process that that creates a perfect surface. This is to make application of the bonderite coating and powder coat finish to be perfect and neat. These ingredients when they combine, they form a protective surface that is rust free and has a high level of UV protection.

Most manufacturers design different types of ball mounts to provide you with a choice of one that is the right fit, which is according to the type of vehicle you have, towing capacity, height of your hitch, trailer and load size. Each ball mount hitch is inserted in to zinc-phosphate coating to protect it against rust or corrosion.

Ball mount hitches can be categorized in to classes as follows:7850-curt-loaded-magnum-forged-trailer-hitch-ball-mount

. – Class I

This hitch will tow u to a maximum of 2000 pounds. It also has the capability to haul a trailer up to 6 feet and a boat up to fourteen feet in length. This type of hitch is best for sleeper campers, bikes and small size vehicles. A great quality about it is that it is designed to attach to the frame and it easily attaches to the family cars.

. – Class II

These types of hitches can haul up to a maximum of 3,500 pounds and can pull a trailer to a length size of 12 feet. It can also drag a boat up to a length size of twenty feet. It attaches itself easily to the frame of minivans and large family vehicles and is well suited for sleeper campers and bikes. Class two hitches are not suitable for the lightweight cars.

. – Class III

Well, this can tow up to a ball park figure of 5000 pounds. It is considered by many people a heavy duty hitch because it can tug a boat and trailer up to a maximum length of 24 feet. It is also not appropriate for family and lightweight vehicles.

. – Class IV

This is the type that can tow approximately seven thousand five hundred pounds and is strictly designed for regular pickup trucks. It is well equipped with mounting brackets to distribute the weight of cargo equally.

. – Class V

These hitches can tow a maximum of 14000 pounds. They are designed for heavy duty and full size cars. They also have mounting brackets that help to distribute weight equally.

In general, when it comes to buying a ball mount hitch for your car, it is good to do your own research before buying one. Apart from the five basic classes of hitches there are more of other types of hitches. They are designed for different purposes and can be of great service.