Trailers Hitches Round vs Square

Comparison Between Round and Square Trailer Hitches

If you are out to shop for your towing equipment, then the major issue that you may confront is the selection of TRAILER HITCHES. Because of their wide variety and different styles, TRAILER HITCHES are known for confusing even the most experienced buyer. Some of the hitches consist of a fix tongue to which a ball connector is mounted. Others come with a square receiver, which operates with matching ball and mount. Two specific types of trailer hitches that may confuse you a lot are the round and the square ones.
Comparing the Round and Square Trailer Hitches:
The major distinctions that exist between round and square hitches are in terms of their capacity, design, fitting, and bending options. Some of these distinctions are:

  • The square hitch may have a little structural advantage over the round one. The square one comes with a Tongue Weight of 100 lbs and a Gross Trailer Weight of 1000 lbs, which may not be available with all of the round hitches.  trailer hitches
  •  People prefer to have round hitches because of their attractive design, an advantage they have over square hitches. However, this advantage is pacified because round hitches are more visible under the vehicle. It is, therefore, recommended that you check the installation instructions before buying the hitch.
  • These instructions generally highlight that how visible would be the hitch. In some cases square hitches can be more visible.
  •  Another advantage associated with round trailer hitches is their ability to increase the clearance between the cross members, bumpers and exhaust that are attached to your car’s frame. This is because you can bend the round trailer hitches in a number of directions. A square hitch, on the other hand, can either be bent from top to bottom, or from front to rear.
  • Both of these hitches are available in class I through class V.
  •  Round trailer hitches are lighter in weight as compared to the square hitches of same capacity.
  • The shape of round trailer hitches is less angular as compared to the square ones.
  • Even though most of the people select round tube hitches because of their sleek and stylish design, but one should not overlook their functional advantage. As mentioned above, this is the added clearance provided by these hitches. So as a buyer, when you go out to get a trailer hitch, do not forget to strike a balance between style and functionality.