Towing Locks + Hitch Pins

For one to engage in towing they should have a clear idea of the towing components, it is important to know the tools and their uses. Whatever the chosen towing vehicle, with the right hitch it can tow a load of up to 16,000 pounds and for a fifth wheel hitch, an excellent pickup can haul a load of up to 25,000 pounds with that said below are the top four towing locks + pins.

Towing Locks + Hitch PinsMaster Lock trailer coupler lock 

The master lock adjusts to fit well in most makes and models of trailer couplers. The lock is made of chrome plated die cast zinc, and it can fit in 1 7/8inch or 2 inches coupler, it has an advanced locking system which resists picking and prying and can resist rust and corrosion and is also easier to install and remove.

Ultra-Tow standard hitch pin 

The ultra -Tow standard hitch pin is a hitch pin that measures about 5/8 inches in diameter and 5inches in length. The standard hitch pin comes with a cotter pin mainly used to hold a 2inch receiver hitch in a secure position. Also, the Tow is made of a durable zinc plated steel construction thereby making it capable of resisting corrosion for a long time thus one can use it for an extended period .

Ultra tow receiver lock

The ultra receiver lock and the lock set is built high to protect the trailer from theft. The set also has a class 2 receiver lock which mostly fits in 2 inches square receivers and has coupler lock keyed alike for convenience. The lock features chrome plated steel lock and a steel pin for its durability. Also, it has an nylon grip handle that has key slot cover which helps in keeping out dirt and moisture.

Master lock barbell lock 

The master lock barbell lock can fit in 5/8 inches receiver openings. It has a push to lock mechanism whereby the lock body is pressed firmly onto the pin. The master lock can withstand harsh weather for it has a seal and water tight cap which helps to protect the lock from moisture and dirt; it also has a four pin tumbler mechanism which resists picking. The master lock is made of galvanized steel cable which makes it capable of resisting rust.

In conclusion, when planning on buying a towing an accessory one needs to think carefully about the towing accessories to buy as it assures the safeness of the truck.