A trailer ball can be defined as a towing accessory that allows the simplified towing or moving of trailing product. A good trailer ball makes it easy for towing services especially when using a trailer coupler. Since trailing involves the moving of heavy products, an excellent trailer ball should be engineered in such a way that it’s strong, fit, and accurate and highly consistence. Different trailer balls which range from stainless steel, nickel-chrome and raw finishes are available to choose from.

The type of trailer ball being used usually depends on the type of towing products being towed. This can be attributed to the fact that, different goods require different trailing balls due to the weight and urgency of the towed product. The following are some of the most used trailer balls in the current market.TRAILER BALLS
-Gooseneck Trailer Balls
These types of trailer balls are ideal for Ram and Ford Pickups. A gross trailer weight of about 30,000 pounds and tongue weight of 7,500 pounds facilitates maximum power and provides simplified towing of heavy duty applications. A ball diameter of 2.5/16 inches allows different users to easily mount the trail balls on different towing machines and trucks.
-2 Inch
2 inch trailer hitch balls usually come with a ball capacity of between 3,500 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. With this type of weight, it simply means that, you can tow heavy duty and majority of standard weight trailers. The best thing about these towing balls is the fact that you can easily extend your trailer to fit either class 3 or 4 trailer hitch.

They are also ideal for most SUV’s and pickups. Fine threaded shanks provide excellent holding power as well as provide smooth towing and easy installation. The shank diameter which usually ranges from 1 ¼, 3/4”, and 1” gives you the peace of mind that you can use the trailer balls on different trailers.
-3 Inches
3” trailer balls provide you with unmatched and exceptional power and strength for all your towing needs. A 3” ball diameter provides solid mounting for your trailer which in turn gives you the peace of mind that you are dealing with a quality towing accessory. A ball capacity of about 30,000 lbs. provides the ideal strength for any class 5 trailer. Apart from the ball capacity, a shank diameter of about 2 inches provides maximum structural strength hence providing maximum protection against large loads.

These trail balls have been designed for heavy-duty applications.
Before purchasing any trailer ball for your towing needs, you should ensure that the trail balls are certified and meet the standards set by VESC for maximum security and guaranteed safety.